NumbersUSA Petition Against 'Executive Amnesty' Garners Tens of Thousands of Signatures

NumbersUSA Petition Against 'Executive Amnesty' Garners Tens of Thousands of Signatures

A petition to President Obama against “executive amnesty” being circulated by the NumbersUSA group has garnered more than 42,500 signatures as of this article’s publication.

NumbersUSA posted the petition to the White House on its website Wednesday and has sent it out to its members.

The missive to President Obama warns against taking unilateral action to provide “amnesty” to 5-6 million undocumented immigrants. 

“The Washington Post is reporting that your Administration is preparing to move forward with an executive action that would protect 5-6 million illegal aliens from deportation and grant them work permits,” the petition reads. “But it was your similar action for childhood arrivals that caused the ongoing border crisis, and an expanded action would make the situation worse. I urge you stop protecting illegal aliens and start protecting American workers.”

The petition comes as President Obama is expected to take executive action on immigration reform at the end of the summer. Reports have indicated that the action could end up providing amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants — an action which Republican leaders have warned the administration against taking. 

According to NumbersUSA and many Republican lawmakers, President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which shields certain illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children from deportation, has helped to drive a massive influx of illegal immigrant children to the United States from Central America.

“Since 2011, your actions on immigration have repeatedly sent signals around the world that illegal immigration will be tolerated (even rewarded) in the United States. These policies have contributed to the surge in illegal immigration at the border today,” the petition reads, going on to  praise House Republicans for sending a “strong message” against illegal immigration. 

“The House vote showed that the Representatives of the American people may be ready to be the champions of the American workers who stand to lose the most if you follow through with your promise,” the petition concludes. “I urge you to side with American workers and not illegal aliens!”

In its most recent newsletter dispatched Friday, NumbersUSA featured the petition along with an urging from immigration hawk Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions for people to “Call your Senator and ask them where they stand” on Obama’s executive amnesty. 


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