Perry: 'There Is No Homeland Security Without Border Security'

Perry: 'There Is No Homeland Security Without Border Security'

Fresh off his visit to the Heritage Foundation, Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s PAC dispatched an appeal to supporters slamming the Obama administration for inaction on the border and national security. 

In his fundraising appeal, Perry explained his call for “comprehensive border enforcement,” as considering immigration reform does not make sense in the midst of “chaos.”

“Defending the border is not a political option. It is a constitutional obligation,” he wrote in his Thursday night fundraising email.

He added that growing strength of ISIS is due to “a lack of White House action.”

“No one had heard of ISIS in January. Now they are marching across Iraq in American tanks, using American weapons and ammunition, and taking cities like Mosul and Fallujah that Americans died to secure,” he wrote. 

Perry further stressed the need to prevent ISIS from making its way into America. 

“There is no homeland security without border security. We have come to one of those moments when American action will be decisive, and inaction just as consequential,” he wrote. 

During his speech at Heritage, Perry warned “there is a very real possibility” that ISIS may have already crossed America’s unsecured southern border. 


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