Exclusive-Anti-Amnesty Group Hits Obama in TV Ads over Failure to Secure Border

Exclusive-Anti-Amnesty Group Hits Obama in TV Ads over Failure to Secure Border

President Barack Obama is not running for re-election right now, but that isn’t stopping NumbersUSA–an anti-amnesty grassroots group with millions of nationwide members–from running television ads ripping the president for failing to secure the border.

“Thanks to President Obama’s amnesty for illegal aliens, Texas is experiencing a border rush,” a narrator says in the new NumbersUSA television ad, which is airing in the Dallas-Fort Worth and the Harlingen-Brownsville-McAllen media markets.

“This nothing new,” the narrator continues as images of illegal aliens scaling walls and piling into trucks to illegally enter the United States fly across the screen interspersed with photos of Obama. “Since the president began pushing amnesty, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens crossed the Texas border adding to gang violence and crime and adding to already high poverty rates all at taxpayer expense. Now he’s threatening a bigger amnesty. Enough is enough.”

In a statement, NumbersUSA president Roy Beck said the group’s 250,000-plus Texas members funded the advertisements. Beck said that Obama continually promising amnesty is sending a beacon out to the rest of the world that if anybody gets through the insecure southern border illegally, they’ll get to stay in America with amnesty.

“In this case, talk is not cheap,” Beck said of Obama’s continual promises of amnesty. “President Obama’s previous amnesty and his ongoing amnesty rhetoric are costing Texans big in terms of jobs, poverty, education, healthcare and gang crime. That’s not fair to Texas taxpayers and workers.”

“It’s a shame the President refused to visit the border on his last trip to Texas,” Beck added. “Seeing the chaos and the impact it’s having on people’s lives might have helped him better understand what Texans are experiencing.”


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