Watch: Second-Grader Reduced to Tears by Common Core Math Homework

Watch: Second-Grader Reduced to Tears by Common Core Math Homework

The video below was recorded by a single mother of four in Louisiana and posted to the Facebook page of Stop Common Core in Louisiana.

Jimmie Richard gave Breitbart News permission to publish the video of her second-grade daughter, who has been a banner roll student, struggling with her Common Core math homework. In an email statement sent to Breitbart News, Richard said:

I’m praying that other parents will stand up with us to get Common Core standards out of our schools. My daughter is a banner roll student who has always had a passion to learn. Loves school and hopes to be a teacher when she gets big. She now spends hours each night crying, hiding and begging to not have to go back to school.  Said that she doesn’t want to be a teacher anymore because she doesn’t like it anymore, school makes her cry and took the fun out of learning! She’s 7 years old! She should love learning and she should be inspired to become all that she dreams! They say that Common Core Standards are to make our children “college ready.” This is stripping my child from any desire to ever go to college. At her age she should be using her imagination, exploring the world around her, discovering who she is so that she can become the person (teacher) she dreams of being. She is not common, no child is! We have some truly gifted teachers who have a passion to teach! Common Core Standards are stripping them from being able to do so! They have a gift and our government has no right taking that from them or our children! Let our teachers teach appropriately & our children be children! I do hope that we can inspire other parents to speak up for the children/ teachers, educate themselves & BE LOUD until our voices are heard!!! These are our children! 

Other parents posted similar stories about their struggles with their own children:

Kimberly Fileccia My daughter is in 4th grade. She cried all night the night before her Math test. She woke up at 4:30 am crying saying she couldn’t sleep because she was so scared to take the test. She just watched this video and said “I know exactly how she feels”.

Carla Garcia This is exactly what I am dealing with today with my own 2nd grader and this math. I want to bang my head against the desk!

Dominique Ditoro Magee This is child abuse! I really hope more parents will start doing more than complain on Facebook. We need 200 committed ppl to send emails and make phone calls weekly to school boards and our legislature. You think with thousands of parents across this state it wouldn’t be do difficult but seems to be our biggest obstacle in removing CC in our state. Silence = CC stays. We need more to stand up for these kids!

Bridget O’Connor I’m also dealing with the same struggles with my 2nd’s become unbearable to deal with, every single time we do homework. My child use to be confident in his schoolwork but now he cries every day because he dosent understand it. I sure can’t help him either, it’s too confusing for me..I am to the point that I’m fixing to pull him out of school & start homeschooling him. This is ridiculous!!


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