UPDATE: DREAMERs Vow to Increase Pressure on Hillary

UPDATE: DREAMERs Vow to Increase Pressure on Hillary

The DREAMer who pestered Hillary Clinton about amnesty in Iowa on Sunday was not happy with Clinton’s dodge. 

Clinton ducked questions from DREAMers at Sen. Tom Harkin’s (D-IA) Steak Fry, even giving two thumbs up and saying “yay” to DREAMers who are facing deportation. 

“I was not really happy with what she said,” Monica Reyes, who yelled questions at her, said on Monday. “We really need to hold Democrats accountable for this broken promise on immigration reform, and her response didn’t really help out with that.”

On MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart, Reyes said she wants to hear Democrats like Clinton say they “actually are going to be doing something about immigration, that they will stop the delay, that they will start acting now.”

Reyes said that since Clinton is expected to make a White House run, “we really want to know that she supports immigrants and will be supporting immigration reform.” Reyes said DREAMers will continue to ramp up “pressure on Democrats” like Clinton because “they made this promise on immigration reform and we really want to see that happen.” 


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