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Kentucky Democrat Runs Right Of Obama, McConnell On Guns

Kentucky Democrat Runs Right Of Obama, McConnell On Guns

Senate challenger Allison Grimes (D-KY) is running right of Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on guns and far right of President Barack Obama (D). 

In her most recent campaign ad–“Skeet Shooting”–Grimes tells McConnell he doesn’t hold a gun correctly, and she tells viewers that her position on guns is one of the stark differences between her and Obama. 

In the ad, Grimes has a shotgun and is shooting skeet. She says: “Mitch McConnell wants you to think I’m Barack Obama.” She criticizes McConnell for job losses in the coal industry in Kentucky and then turns, faces the camera, and says: “I’m not Barack Obama. I disagree with him on guns, coal, and the EPA.”

As a parting shot, she references the way McConnell gripped a rifle, which he held in the air at CPAC, saying: “And Mitch, that’s not how you hold a gun.” 

Grimes does not mention that she is currently Kentucky Secretary of State in the ad-a role that arguably lays some of the responsibility for job creation and loss in the Bluegrass State at her feet as well. 

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