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New York City Red Light Camera Issues 1,551 Tickets in One Day

New York City Red Light Camera Issues 1,551 Tickets in One Day

City officials across the country claim that red light cameras are for “safety.” Critics, though, claim they are just another way for a city to raise money. Officials in New York City might find it hard to deny the critics after it was reported that one city red light camera resulted in over 1,500 tickets in one day this year.

The Washington Post revealed that one red light camera in Brooklyn netted the city a $77,550 windfall on July 7 of this year.

The camera at Ocean Parkway, a north-south street, near Lincoln High School is one of 23 such lights across the city and automatically punishes drivers with $50 tickets.

The city claims that the red light cameras reduce dangers around the schools where the cameras are placed. But some studies suggest red light cameras actually increase accidents, not decrease them.

The punitive devices are not meeting with approval by everyone in other cities and states. Missouri recently re-evaluated its red light cameras and are now saying that citizens might get a partial refund from their fines.

In Chicago another red light camera scandal erupted replete with accusations of corruption, bribery to government officials from red light camera companies, massive cover ups, and investigations by the states attorneys.

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has also been criticized for racking up thousands in unpaid fines from red light cameras that have caught his motorcade blowing through stop lights and exceeding city speed limits.

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