Poll: Democrats' Approval Rating Plummets to 30-Year Low

Poll: Democrats' Approval Rating Plummets to 30-Year Low

According to two new polls, trust in the Democratic Party has hit a 30-year low.

A new Washington Post/ABC poll conducted last week finds that that only 39 percent of respondents have a favorable view of the Democrat Party with 51 percent saying the Democrats are failing, a 30-year low according to this poll. But the Republicans aren’t loved any better: only 33 percent saying the Grand Old Party is doing well.

More ominously for Democrats, only three weeks out from the midterm election, it appears that President Barack Obama may serve as a drag on the party. The poll found that only 40 percent say the President is doing a good job. That is the lowest rating the Washington Post poll has ever recorded for the President.

Obama’s rating is even worse among independents, with only 33 percent saying the President is doing well.

The President has suffered from multiple failures, namely his failed handling of the Islamic threat of ISIS, his bungling of the Ebola crisis, and his fecklessness in the face of Russian aggression.

But Obama’s worst rating comes from his failed response to the immigration crisis. A dismal 29 percent said they felt Obama had did well handing the tens of thousands of illegals that swamped our southern borders earlier this year.

The Post poll also found that Republicans are highly motivated to vote in next month’s elections. 77 percent said they are certain to vote, while only 63 percent of Democrats replied that way.

Meanwhile, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll of registered voters also released this week handed Obama a similarly dismal 42 percent approval rating (52 percent disapproved).

In this poll fully 65 percent of respondents felt that the country is “on the wrong track” while only a low 25 percent felt that the US was headed in the right direction.

As for the ratings of the two parties, the GOP had a 50 percent negative view, with 30 percent feeling positively about the party, while the Democrats had a 43 percent negative view with only 37 percent viewing the party in a positive light.

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