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Glenn Beck Combats Ebola with Song About Not Licking Vomit, Drinking Diarrhea

Glenn Beck Combats Ebola with Song About Not Licking Vomit, Drinking Diarrhea

Glenn Beck is combating Ebola with animations and songs about not drinking a glass of diarrhea and demonstrations with spaghetti and chocolate sauce to show how easily nurses taking care of Ebola patients without proper equipment can contract the virus.

This week, Beck created a “Staying Ebola Free” animation and song with head-scratching lyrics such as “don’t lick vomit off the streets” and “if you want to calm your fear, put down that glass of diarrhea.” A waiter in the cartoon actually carries a tray with a glass of diarrhea. The song also features lyrics like “keep away from eyes that bleed” and don’t touch “poop and pee.” 

On his Wednesday program, Beck and some of his producers giggled a bit throughout a demonstration in which they played around with slingshots while splattering Beck with spaghetti and chocolate sauce. They seemed to be fixated on saying “explosive diarrhea.” 

Somewhere amid the mess the viewer is supposed to realize how nearly impossible it may have been for the nurses–who did not have the proper equipment and protocols—treating Thomas Eric Duncan to avoid getting Ebola-infected secretions on them while they were caring for Duncan or cleaning up–and taking their protective great off–after doing so. 

Beck got the idea of using chocolate sauce from CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who has been on the front lines combating Ebola. 

During the demonstration, Beck realizes that taking off the protective gear splattered with Ebola secretions would be “so stressful” and says, “I’ve got Ebola on me… what do I do with my Ebola?” 

He said he could feel the Ebola on his skin and “there is absolutely no way” the nurses could have avoided it. He then demonstrates how easily he can pass on the virus to his dog and wife at home. 

“The dog is carrying it now,” he said. “This is a problem. This won’t work.”

Two nurses have contracted Ebola after taking care of Duncan, and the White House said it is “likely” that even more nurses at the Texas hospital will get Ebola. 

“It’s insanity,” Beck said. 


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