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Trio of Black New York Men Beat Hispanic Woman in Robbery Attempt

Trio of Black New York Men Beat Hispanic Woman in Robbery Attempt

Three young black men viciously beat a woman in Brooklyn in an attempt to rob her of her purse and cell phone and it was all caught on video.

21-year-old Gwendolyn Reyes, an Hispanic woman and aspiring model, was walking down the street by herself in the early morning hours when three black males rushed her and immediately began to beat her with no warning whatsoever.

Police report that the incident took place at 2:30 AM on October 2 in the Crown Heights neighborhood.

Reyes told New York’s CBS affiliate, “They just rushed me, so the first thing I thought of–‘Is this really happening?'”

Surveillance video shows three black men turning to look at Reyes as she tries to walk past them but before she is clear of them, one of the three grabs her, pushes her up against a store front, and then viciously punches her in the face.

The other two then swarm around her trying to pry her wrap around purse from her body as she lay helpless on the sidewalk. Two of them men drag her several feet by the purse strap.

“I just remember the whole attack, and for them leaving me, I remember them just dragging me, and then I started yelling for someone to help me,” Reyes told CBS. “And then that’s when I realized blood was coming from my face, but I didn’t know where from my face.”

The victim’s father said that his daughter was traumatized by the attack.

“And her jeans were covered in blood and her sneakers were covered in blood,” Jay Reyes said.

“When I first saw her in the ambulance, I didn’t even look at her face, she was crying, so I just hugged her for like two or three minutes,” the girl’s father said.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office has issued no comment on the crime.

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