White House Mocks Darrell Issa During Ebola Hearing

White House Mocks Darrell Issa During Ebola Hearing

When the House Oversight Committee Hearing on Ebola began Friday morning, the country was experiencing heightened awareness of the disease, as reports came out that a doctor in New York City had contracted the disease and spent time in the public arena.

But the hearing was quickly upstaged by an announcement by the National Institutes of Health that the first nurse who contracted Ebola had been found free of the disease.

As the hearing continued, the White House announced that President Obama would meet with the nurse in the Oval Office for a photo-op.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest additionally mocked Chairman Darrell Issa for his pronunciation of the word “Ebola” and dismissed the hearing.

Earlier in the hearing, Issa was pronouncing the word “Ebola” like “Eboli.”


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