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Exclusive – Ending Spending Releases $1.25 Million Ad to Pummel Shaheen on Amnesty, Giving NH Jobs to Illegals

Exclusive – Ending Spending Releases $1.25 Million Ad to Pummel Shaheen on Amnesty, Giving NH Jobs to Illegals

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — A new high-powered ad spot–and hefty buy behind it–aims to finish off incumbent Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and help former Sen. Scott Brown across the finish line.

The ad comes from Ending Spending Action Fund, which is spending approximately $1.25 million in the final days pushing this message via television, radio, Internet, forthcoming print advertisements, and direct mail. That’s in addition to an existing $601,000 buy the group is already running in local television markets, meaning the group is up with more than $1.85 million backing Brown in the final week. 

The television ad, provided exclusively to Breitbart News, is called “Stand” and hones in on Shaheen for backing President Barack Obama’s immigration policies.

“Jeanne Shaheen votes with Barack Obama 99 percent,” a narrator says in the opening of the ad as a split screen of Shaheen and Obama appears.

“After the election, Obama admits he’ll give amnesty to over 11 million illegal immigrants, ignoring the Constitution and the law,” the narrator continues, while the screen shifts to an image of the White House. “Who will fight for our jobs and keep us safe? Shaheen? Are you kidding? Shaheen stands with Obama. Scott Brown stands with you. Stand with Scott as he stands up to Obama.”

Ending Spending was the first group to advertise against Shaheen in December 2013. The group also supported the “Draft Scott Brown” movement to get him to the run against Shaheen, and has already spent–before this buy–$5 million to date backing Brown and hammering Shaheen.

“The best way to send a message to President Obama is to vote for Scott Brown,” Brian Baker, the president of Ending Spending, told Breitbart News when asked why the group is doing this.

By hammering the “jobs” angle of immigration, the ad adds firepower to Brown’s decision to recently zone in on the economic effects of Shaheen’s support for amnesty–and how it would likely cause struggling Americans to either lose their jobs, being displaced by newer cheaper labor, or to have their wages depressed.

Already, under current immigration numbers, according to a new study from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), 71 percent of new jobs in New Hampshire since 2000 have gone to immigrants, both illegal and legal, over American citizens. That surge in foreign labor is something Shaheen supports–and is part of the reason why, Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and other CEOs are backing Shaheen over Brown.

“At the very moment you read this, the White House continues to work in secret with the world’s most powerful special interests to plot these amnesty orders,” Sessions wrote in a Thursday op-ed published by Shaheen’s hometown newspaper Foster’s Daily Democrat, which has endorsed Brown. “They are scheming behind closed doors to reduce your wages, undermine your security, and deny you your voice in government. These special interests are hoping and praying that you don’t show up to vote for Scott Brown on Nov. 4. Because they know that if you do, you will spoil their plans.”

Sessions added that it “is precisely for this reason that open borders billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is pouring his money into this race against Scott Brown.”

“You see, these ‘Masters of the Universe’ love open borders as long they don’t extend to their gated compounds and fenced-off estates,” Sessions wrote. “They don’t think loyal citizens like you are entitled to the same protections that their gates and fences provide them. And they know Scott Brown will fight their selfish agenda.”

On the campaign trail, Brown has pledged to fight for American workers over illegal aliens and special interests.

“When you’re looking at that bill, what it also does is it immediately gives an opportunity for the President to authorize upwards of 11 million people to get jobs,” Brown said when talking about the Senate-passed “Gang of Eight” immigration bill during last Tuesday’s debate. He added:

I want to fight for jobs for New Hampshire. Here’s another thing about immigration. I voted to secure the border on two occasions. I voted to send troops to the border. We need to absolutely secure the border. The President, through his executive order, what he’s proposing to do is actively expand the definition of refugee to somebody who’s here [illegally] to work.

Polling data compiled for the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) by firm Paragon Insights shows that this message in the final Ending Spending buys works. The polling found that 71 percent of all likely voters nationwide would be more likely to support a Republican candidate if that GOP candidate believes that “immigration policy needs to serve the interests of the nation as a whole, not a few billionaire CEOs and immigration activists lobbying for open borders.”

Shaheen clearly falls in the category of backing the “few billionaire CEOs and immigration activists lobbying for open borders,” as she supports the President’s planned executive amnesty and voted for the “Gang of Eight” bill–despite warnings from immigration agents that it would make the illegal immigration problem worse. But Brown falls in the former category, Sen. Sessions–arguably the intellectual leader in Congress on this issue–has said. And now, with this new Ending Spending final push, voters across New Hampshire are going to hear the message. No wonder Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama’s allies in other leftwing groups are pumping $1.3 million into the state to try to save Shaheen.


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