Democratic Connecticut Governor Benefits from Gun Control Millions

Democratic Connecticut Governor Benefits from Gun Control Millions

With the Connecticut gubernatorial election less than a week away, and Gov. Daniel Malloy (D) running slightly behind pro-Second Amendment candidate Tom Foley (R), Michael Bloomberg, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and Gabby Giffords have pulled out all stops to get Malloy another term. 

According to NBC Connecticut, Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC gave $1.7 for an ad campaign praising the massive number of gun laws signed by Malloy in the wake of Sandy Hook. Other gun control groups have given nearly $800,000 in support of Malloy, too. 

The Bloomberg ad focuses on universal background checks, and during the ad, a narrator mentions the NRA’s support of Foley then says, “The NRA opposes comprehensive background checks, and Foley promised he’d sign a bill to weaken them, undermining our gun safety laws.”

This is a case in which the things Bloomberg’s ad doesn’t say are far more important than those it does. For instance, it does not say that expanded background checks would have stopped or eve hindered the Sandy Hook attack. Gunman Adam Lanza stole his guns — no amount of gun control would have kept him from carrying out his heinous acts.

This is exactly why Foley is willing to loosen the laws — because they are simply more emotionally-charged symbolism over substance, which burdens law-abiding citizens but does nothing to stop criminals.

In addition to Bloomberg’s money, Malloy is getting the support of gun control personality Shannon Watts, president of Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action, and gun control proponent Gabby Giffords. 

Watts described Malloy as “a strong, indispensable supporter of gun violence prevention after Sandy Hook,” and she thinks “he should be rewarded for that.” Giffords recently visited Connecticut in support of Malloy, as well. Her message always revolves around the push to expand background checks and the responsibility to stand with those who do.

But, as with Bloomberg’s ad, it was what Watts and Giffords didn’t say that was so important. For instance, Watts didn’t say the laws Malloy signed in 2013 will prevent another Sandy Hook. And Giffords didn’t say background checks would have stopped the attack, because background checks were already the law of the land, yet the attack still took place.

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