Immigration Leaders: NH Fertile for Illegal Alien Gangs, Crime if Jeanne Shaheen Re-Elected

Immigration Leaders: NH Fertile for Illegal Alien Gangs, Crime if Jeanne Shaheen Re-Elected

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — If incumbent Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is re-elected, national immigration experts are sure of one thing: Families, children, and mothers in New Hampshire won’t be safe from looming crime from illegal aliens’ gangs–which are absolutely, law enforcement says, active in the region.

“Jeanne Shaheen’s support for amnesty for illegal aliens through her vote for the Gang of Eight bill and through her support for President Obama’s planned executive amnesty is endangering all families across New Hampshire,” Maria Espinoza, the national director of The Remembrance Project, told Breitbart News on Sunday.

“The very illegal aliens she wants to help Obama grant amnesty to–and steal your job–are in many cases also violent criminals, driver’s without licenses, members of gangs, or are in some way endangering the welfare of New Hampshire families,” Espinoza added.

Espinoza’s group is focused on remembering victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens.

Illegal alien crime is rampant and widespread all across America, reaching even as far as into New England, Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) told Breitbart News. Vaughan has close ties to many federal immigration agents and bases her statements on pure data straight from the various agencies of President Obama’s administration. She’s simply reporting and amplifying the federal government’s statistics on immigration and other matters–even though Shaheen has claimed CIS is a “right wing organization.” 

Vaughan said in an email:

The collapse of immigration enforcement, both at the border and within the country, has enabled criminal gangs like MS-13, 18th Street and even Mexican drug cartels like La Familia to prosper and continue preying on people in our neighborhoods. Some political leaders, both in Washington and New England, have pushed sanctuary and amnesty policies that encourage illegal settlement and prevent local law enforcement officers from working cooperatively with ICE. Inevitably, it is innocent families that pay the price. The public should not stand by and watch this happen; they need to choose leaders who understand that immigration enforcement has an important role to play in public safety.

Specifically, Vaughan points to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrest data from 2011 through 2013, which shows that federal officers have arrested “more than 200 members, leaders and associates of transnational criminal gangs operating in New England.”

“Those arrested were citizens of more than a dozen foreign countries, including Mexico, Somalia, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Cape Verde, El Salvador, Colombia, Vietnam, Sudan, Thailand and Cambodia,” Vaughan said. “Many of these gang members are illegal aliens who crossed over the land border or overstayed visas, but some entered through refugee programs or received green cards through family sponsorship. A significant number had been deported before, but managed to come back illegally.”

Vaughan said that the majority of those illegal aliens arrested throughout New England over the past few years for their association with gangs were from MS-13, one of the most violent and ruthless illegal alien-run, Central American-based gangs in the world. “MS-13 has thousands of members in Central America and the United States, and actively recruits new members from among the illegal alien populations in places like East Boston, Chelsea, and Providence,” Vaughan said.

Illegal alien violence seems to have hit home just this past couple weeks in nearby Chelsea, Massachusetts, which is just north of Boston and just a short 45-minute commute from New Hampshire’s southern cities. The Boston Globe reported in late October that a suspected MS-13 gang member is charged with the murder of a mother.

“Hector Ramires, who will turn 21 on Thursday, shuffled into Chelsea District Court on Tuesday with his lawyer’s black jacket draped over his head to hide his face, and he pleaded not guilty in the slaying of 35-year-old Katerin ‘Catherine’ Gomez,” Shelley Murphy and Travis Anderson wrote for the Boston Globe on Oct. 21, noting later in the piece that a second victim–a man Ramires is “accused of robbing at gunpoint” of his cellphone and $50 in cash–told police that he thinks Ramires is part of the MS-13 gang. 

The Globe’s Murphy and Anderson wrote:

The second victim said he was sitting on his porch on Spencer Avenue when Ramires, who was accompanied by a second gunman, pointed a gun at his head and made him take his shirt off to see if he had any gang tattoos, according to the arrest report. The victim told police that one of the robbers asked the other, ‘Should I shoot him?’ When police asked the man why he thought Ramires wanted to rob him, he responded, ‘I don’t think he likes me because he thinks I am [a member of the gang] 18th Street and I think he’s MS-13,’ another gang, according to the police report.

The niece of the woman that Ramires allegedly murdered told the reporters for the Globe, while refusing to give her full name, that her aunt, Catherine Gomez, didn’t do anything to deserve being murdered.

“He killed a woman, not someone who was out on the streets partying or anything, someone who was taking care of her children,” the niece told the Globe reporters.

Dennis Michael Lynch, a documentary filmmaker who has spent much of his career focusing on the widespread effects of open-borders immigration policies, said the effects of Obama’s and Shaheen’s immigration policies hit every part of everyone’s life–whether they know it or not. Lynch said in an email:

There are really two problems here. One is the mainstream media. If they were reporting even a fraction of the truth when it comes to illegal immigration and the lack of border security in place today the people of New Hampshire would be up in arms. And so in comes the second problem which is the Obama administration, and anyone like Jeanne Shaheen who supports his policies and mistruths. The president and public officials like Shaheen are blatantly looking the other way when it comes to protecting Americans. I mean this from every aspect: health, jobs and terrorism. The people of NH have to realize the costs, both human and financial, are beyond calculation. I have seen it with my own two eyes, I have documented the impact from every perspective and I am deeply concerned — not as a Republican or as a Democrat, but as an American.

It’s for this reason that Espinoza says voters need to beware of anyone, such as Shaheen, who supports President Obama’s immigration policies. If the president isn’t stopped, then this all will continue. Espinoza said:

As a mother and the national director of The Remembrance Project, I hope every mother in New Hampshire considers the impact Shaheen’s immigration position would have on our families on Tuesday. Jeanne Shaheen even admitted that she didn’t read the letters from immigration agents warning her that the Senate amnesty bill would make illegal immigration–and the widespread rampant crime that comes with it–worse. It’s not just along the border states that this is occurring. Illegal immigrant gangs, crime and violence is far-reaching and is infecting states as far away from the border as New Hampshire. The only way to put a stop to it is to elect new leaders who won’t vote for legislation that Obama supports, and will therefore stop enabling illegal immigration.

Sunday was Espinoza’s group’s annual National Remembrance Day. This year for the event, Espinoza wrote a letter to President Barack Obama asking him to take the money the federal government has raised from Obama’s first executive amnesty–for illegal alien minors via the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program–and provide it to victims of illegal alien crime. 

The federal government has raised about $280 million via DACA, an executive amnesty that’s largely viewed as the source and cause of the border crisis. Obama, instead of stopping and reversing this executive immigration action due to its negative consequences, is planning to expand it to as many illegal aliens as he can in the future–likely using that DACA-raised money to pay for part of the newer, bigger executive amnesty.

The funds for the illegal alien crime victims would be used for burial expenses, counseling for surviving family members, living expenses for when a family’s breadwinner is killed by illegal aliens, among other things like research and data to protect Americans from illegal alien crime.

Lynch said it’s incredible what former Sen. Scott Brown, who’s running against Shaheen, has done by bringing attention to the immigration issue and warning the voters of New Hampshire what could be ahead if Obama succeeds in his executive amnesty plans. Brown, on Sunday night, framed the election as a choice: A vote for Shaheen, he said, is supporting Obama’s amnesty plans. A vote for him means a Republican-controlled U.S. Senate in which executive amnesty will not happen because Republicans will target the funding using Congress’ power of the purse. 

“Any politician who doesn’t make this their top item doesn’t deserve to be in office,” Lynch said. “There is no greater issue facing America. Any politician brave enough to drop the political correctness and speak about it with complete honesty will be rewarded with a win.”

Lynch said that the people of New Hampshire will be less safe if they vote for Shaheen: 

Sadly, America is more vulnerable today than it was prior to 9/11. And that’s from a terror perspective. If low wages, less jobs available does not scare them enough, they should know this: ICE will tell you the kids who are in school who are here illegally, many of them are gang banging at night. Many of their parents who are day laborers by day, are moving drugs at night. Obviously, this does not include every illegal immigrant, but when you have no way of vetting people, you play Russian roulette. If people in N.H. want to bet their well-being on a roulette wheel, well then, vote for Shaheen.

Espinoza, who’s also a mother, said that New Hampshire mothers should beware of Shaheen’s immigration policies’ effects on their children–from public health concerns to the concerns of security leaders worldwide who warn ISIS may weaponize Ebola. Espinoza said:

With regard to infections and our wide open southern border thanks to Jeanne Shaheen’s support of President Obama’s amnesty policies, we are seeing a new polio-like disease called Enterovirus come into the United States to endanger our children. It’s well known that this disease is widespread in the very Central American countries that illegal aliens are coming from and President Obama and Jeanne Shaheen are doing nothing to keep New Hampshire children and mothers safe from it. To top it off, we’re hearing from security leaders worldwide that ISIS terrorists are planning to weaponize Ebola to attack the West. Meanwhile, President Obama’s favorite politician Sen. Jeanne Shaheen flip flops all over the place on whether to protect Americans from Ebola with a travel ban. The contrast couldn’t be clearer: Scott Brown means an America safe from the threats of open borders, and Jeanne Shaheen means that American mothers need to keep worrying about their safety, security and future.


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