Sen. Bob Corker 'Frustrated' with Conservative Amnesty Opponents

Sen. Bob Corker 'Frustrated' with Conservative Amnesty Opponents

On Thursday, Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) showed disdain for conservatives who object to massive amnesty legislation that he wants a GOP-led Congress to enact. To Corker, those who oppose amnesty because they care about the rule of law, American workers, and sovereignty and secure borders are nothing but “demagogues.”

“I get really frustrated with people on my side of the aisle who say that anything you do on immigration is amnesty,” Corker reportedly said on Thursday. “I saw it play out in these congressional races, where people were actually trying to solve the problem, and the only word people used was amnesty.”

Corker, who was behind the sham amendment to give cover to Republicans voting for the Senate’s massive “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill, said he hopes that “we don’t let demagogues prevail, and that we finally deal with this issue and put it behind us.” 

Corker took issue with opponents of the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” bill who pointed out that giving a pathway to citizenship to all of the country’s illegal immigrants amounted to “amnesty.” Corker reportedly “stressed that under the bill it would have taken 15 years to go through the process of gaining legal status, and that it also would have denied federal benefits to anybody in the country illegally for 10 years.”

“I don’t know, is that amnesty?” he scoffed. “Or is amnesty what we’re doing right now?”

Corker also reportedly said President Barack Obama has also “undermined any real attempt to solve this immigration issue because of what he’s done by executive order.”


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