Palin on Exec Amnesty: Obama Giving Americans ‘Middle Finger,’ Endangering Nation

Palin on Exec Amnesty: Obama Giving Americans ‘Middle Finger,’ Endangering Nation

On Thursday, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin blasted President Barack Obama for endangering the country and screwing American workers–U.S.-born and legal immigrants–of all backgrounds with his executive amnesty for illegal immigrants. 

In a video released on her Sarah Palin Channel before Obama’s White House executive amnesty address, Palin, who called for Obama to be impeached on behalf of American workers for his lawlessness on illegal immigration, said Obama is “betraying our trust” by going “against the wishes of the American people” with with his executive amnesty. 

“In 2012, voters reelected President Barack Obama but they did not make him king,” she said, noting that the “error of Obama is almost over.”  

Palin also mentioned that Obama said that his policies were on the ballot in the midterm elections, and voters elected a new Congress that is opposed to Obama’s agenda. She said the new GOP majority in Congress “has no obligation” to work with Obama to usher in “his agenda to fundamentally transform America.” 

Palin said that to Obama, “democracy is an inconvenience” and “something to be discarded when the votes don’t go his way.”  She also said that Obama is “endangering our nation” by sending “an even louder message to the world that illegal  entry will be rewarded and lawlessness in the United States of America will be rewarded.” 

She predicted the illegal immigration “flood” will become a “tsunami” after Obama’s executive amnesty. Palin feared that terrorists and dangerous criminals can take advantage of Obama’s executive amnesty and even receive free social services paid for by American taxpayers. 

Palin, who has has always stood up for working-class Americans against the bipartisan permanent political class that has always wanted massive amnesty, reiterated that the the “last thing that working-class Americans need is more cheaper labor” flooding into America when many working-class Americans have not recovered from the recession. She said Obama’s executive amnesty will have serious “economic consequences for hard-working Americans of all backgrounds who were born here or came to America legally.” But she Obama does not care about the consequences for American workers and is willing to “appease one part of shrinking political base” and will disregard the law so more  “undocumented Democrats” can come out of the shadows. 

Palin called on the GOP Congress to prohibit Obama from using federal funds to enact his executive amnesty.


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