DREAMers Solicit Donations After Executive Amnesty: ‘Victory is Incomplete!’

DREAMers Solicit Donations After Executive Amnesty: ‘Victory is Incomplete!’

DREAMers upset that President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty didn’t cover their illegal immigrant parents are soliciting donations to push Obama and Congress to grant their parents amnesty.

As soon as Obama, in a move constitutional scholars have said was an “unprecedented” overreach of power, granted nearly five million illegal immigrants temporary amnesty and work permits last week, DREAMers immediately declared that Obama’s executive amnesty was “not big enough.”

“This victory is incomplete! Donate and help us continue to fight for those who were excluded!” the fundraising solicitation for a pro-amnesty group says. “Help us defend our win and continue the fight for broader relief.”

When Obama took his victory lap in Las Vegas on Friday to sell his executive amnesty, he was met by hecklers who demanded more. 

“Mr. President, why did you leave my mom out?” Jose Patino, of the Arizona Dream Act Coalition (ADAC), heckled Obama last Friday in Las Vegas during Obama’s speech. 

While Obama’s executive amnesty covers illegal immigrant parents of those who are legal U.S. residents or citizens, it does not extend to the parents of DREAMers who received temporary amnesty under Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. 

DREAMers said that their parents not receiving executive amnesty “is especially difficult considering how the DREAMer moms were so active in the push for this executive order.” DREAMers and their parents have staged protests in front of the White House and the Democratic National Committee headquarters in addition to organizing “days of action” in cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago to pressure Obama to “go big” on a possible extension of his executive amnesty. 


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