NYC’s Trinity Church Sues To Force Wal-Mart Ban On ‘High Capacity’ Magazines

NYC’s Trinity Church Sues To Force Wal-Mart Ban On ‘High Capacity’ Magazines

In April, NYC’s Trinity Church sued to force Wal-Mart to allow shareholders to vote on the “sale of high capacity guns”–i.e., guns which take “high capacity” magazines–as well as “other potentially offensive products.”

On November 27, US District Judge Leonard Stark, District of Delaware, ruled in favor of Trinity.

According to Reuters, Trinity wanted to add a proposal to Wal-Mart’s annual meeting that would “require the governance committee of Wal-Mart’s board to more closely examine the sale of products that might endanger public safety.” Such products include “guns with [magazines] holding more than 10 rounds.”

Trinity claims larger-than-10-round magazines “enabled” gunmen at Newtown, Connecticut and Aurora, Colorado to carry out mass killings. To make this claim they ignore findings like those at Virginia Tech, where a review board found magazine capacity limits would not have stopped Seung-Hui Cho from carrying out his heinous attack in April 2007. Cho killed 32 people and the review board found that a 10-round magazine capacity limit “would have not made that much difference in the incident.”

Wal-Mart spokesperson Randy Hargrove said, “Trinity’s proposal would interfere with Wal-Mart’s ordinary business operations” by heaving new regulations upon the retailer. He said Wal-Mart may appeal Stark’s decision.

Stark was appointed by President Obama in 2010. 

Trinity Church cemetery contains the graves of a massive number of Revolutionary War veterans and notable Americans, including: Alexander Hamilton, Albert Gallatin, Horatio Gates, John Jacob Astor, and many others.

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