Moms Demand Action Founder: We Win by Bypassing Congress


On January 1, Salon published an interview in which Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America founder Shannon Watts said that more gun control is needed and the path to securing it includes bypassing Congress.

Watts suggested the pro-Second Amendment landslide in the midterm elections is not really a hindrance to her group’s goals. She also stated that just as no one gave up on immigration–even through it faced a tough road in Congress–no one should give up on gun control, either.

Obama secured amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants by bypassing Congress and handling the issue on his own.

According to Salon, Watts also drew parallels with “gay marriage,” saying the methods gay marriage supporters used to circumvent Congress are methods the gun control movement can use to win. She said, “If you look at how the acceptance of gay marriage came to be in this country, it was just like this; this is pretty much the playbook.” That playbook includes “bypass[ing] Congress,” pressuring corporations, and going “straight to the state legislatures.”

And when the state legislatures rebuff Moms Demand Action, Watts made clear that her group will try to bypass them, as well, via ballot initiatives like Washington state’s I-594.

When Salon asked Watts about the recent Pew poll showing that support for gun control has fallen and that support for gun rights rules the day, Watts dismissed the poll for “using [an] old and poorly crafted question.” She did not mention that the same “old and poorly crafted question” got pro-gun control responses for the 20 years leading up to 2014.

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