Air Force Trump: Ahead of 2016, The Donald Slams Romney, Bush In South Carolina

Donald Trump speaks to Matthew Boyle of Breitbart News aboard his personal jet inn Myrtle Beach on Jan. 19, 2015.
Dan Fleuette
Myrtle Beach, SC

MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina — Real estate mogul and reality television star Donald Trump tells Breitbart News he’s considering running for president in 2016. “We’re giving it serious thought—very, very serious thought,” Trump said on his private jet.

If he runs, Trump says he’d focus his campaign on the big picture—aiming to turn around the decline in America that has occurred over the past several years.

“Make America great again—it’s very simple—make America great again,” Trump said when asked what his overarching campaign theme would be.

What separates him from other candidates, Trump told Breitbart News, is the “fact that I can get things done.”

Trump is delivering the final keynote speech at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention here on Monday. Aides say his speech will explain why, if Republicans want to win the presidential election in 2016, they must shun candidates from the establishment and moderate sides of the Republican Party.

When Trump arrived at the Myrtle Beach airport on his private 757 jet—emblazoned with his name on the side and the Trump logo—reporters from Breitbart News and several other media outlets met him aboard the plane. Trump’s plane has a bedroom, several side rooms with couches, and many luxury white leather seats. There’s a golden sink, and full staff, along with mini-kitchen and well-kept bathroom. On a tour of the plane, Trump’s pilot, John Duncan, told Breitbart News what it’s like flying the magnate: “It’s the best.”

Trump told reporters that he thinks establishment Republicans including Mitt Romney — the 2012 GOP presidential nominee—and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush should not be nominated — if Republicans want to win the 2016 election.

“I was right in 2012. I said we don’t have a strong candidate, but we had Mitt Romney,” Trump said. “We went with Mitt Romney and he failed. He let us all down, to be honest with you. For him to be running again is outrageous.”

“He failed,” Trump repeated. “He should have won. It [the Obama administration] is a failed presidency. It is a failed president [Obama], and he should have won, but he lost.”

As for Jeb Bush, who has, like Romney, announced he is considering a run for the presidency, Trump didn’t hold back either:

The last thing this country needs is another Bush. We’ve had it with the Bushes, and the last Bush did not do a great job. He gave us Obama, he gave us—as you know—Justice [John] Roberts [of the Supreme Court] who approved Obamacare. He’s got a second shot at it but who knows what’s going to happen, it’s not as good as the first one. But he [George W. Bush] gave us Justice Roberts who approved Obamacare. We’re all saddled with Obamacare, the country is saddled with it. And it really kicks in in 2016. It’s going to be a disaster for the country.

Trump also spoke highly of the Tea Party movement. “I think we have values that are very similar,” Trump said. “I’ve been a friend of the Tea Party for some time. I think they’ve been treated very, very unfairly. What they are really is great American people who love this country and work. And that’s what I’m all about.”