He’s Baaack… Eric Cantor To Join Jeb Bush For High-Dollar Richmond Fundraiser

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AP/J. Scott Applewhite

Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who lost in a primary last year because of his support for amnesty for illegal aliens, will host a high-dollar fundraiser with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in Richmond later this month, Breitbart News has learned.

The invitation, obtained by Breitbart News, comes from Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) chairman Bill McCollum—a failed 2010 candidate for governor of Florida, where he lost to Rick Scott in the GOP primary.

McCollum, the invitation reads, “cordially invites” the high-dollar donors “to a reception featuring Governor Jeb Bush and The Honorable Eric Cantor.”

The fundraiser is set for Monday, Feb. 16, at The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia. Donors seeking to become part of the Host Committee need to cough up $25,000 and those simply seeking to attend the reception must donate $5,000.

“They are raising money together for the RSLC, a group both strongly support,” Kristy Campbell, Bush’s spokeswoman, said in an email to Breitbart News when asked about why Bush is seeking to associate with Cantor. “Congressman Cantor and Governor Bush are friends and have known each other for years.”

Cantor lost his primary in 2014 — despite spending millions — to now Rep. Dave Brat, an economist who ran as an immigration populist. Cantor’s loss was conservatives’ biggest 2014 victory in a year marked by troubling actions by the GOP establishment in places like Mississippi, Kansas, Tennessee and elsewhere.

One of the biggest—if not the biggest—factors in Brat’s David-Versus-Goliath-esque defeat of Cantor was Cantor’s support for amnesty for illegal aliens. Brat went door-to-door in the district explaining to thousands of voters what Cantor was really up to a couple hours north in Washington, D.C. Cantor, as Breitbart News had exposed, was at the center of a secretive effort to slip language granting amnesty to so-called illegal alien DREAMers who enlist in the U.S. military into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)—a bill that has nothing to do with immigration.

The revelation that Bush is choosing, ahead of a likely bid for the GOP nomination for president in 2016, to associate with Cantor publicly at a fundraiser comes on the heels of an expose by CNN on several immigration comments that Bush had made in early 2013. Republican operatives and conservative activists laid out for CNN how they were shocked at how out-of-step Bush was with those immigration comments, and how he’s likely to never hear the end of them should he decide to throw his hat in the ring and run for president.


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