Jeff Sessions: Obama Exec Amnesty ‘Kick in the Teeth’ to American Workers

AP Photo/G.M. Andrews
AP Photo/G.M. Andrews

On Thursday, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) reminded his colleagues that President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty will be a “further kick in the teeth” to struggling American workers.

Speaking on the Senate floor ahead of another vote to advance the House’s Homeland Security funding bill that defunds Obama’s executive amnesty, Sessions blasted pro-amnesty activists, political consultants “lusting after votes” and big-business interests “lusting after low wages.”

And he emphasized that though the media and political classes focus on DREAMERs, the key part of Obama’s executive amnesty actually deals with providing work permits to five million adults.

Sessions, who is perhaps the only lawmaker unafraid to take on the so-called “Masters of the Universe” and defend American workers, accused Obama of “arrogantly” ignoring the desires of American workers who “demand policies that protects their wages, their jobs, their natioanl security, and their government budgets.” He also accused big-business interests that have lobbied for more work permits and amnesty of being “so transnational” that “their interests can no longer be seen as compatible oftentimes with American workers.”

The Alabama Senator said that though under current law illegal immigrants who will receive temporary work permits and executive amnesty “cannot be hired by any business or employer,” Obama wants to give them the “right to take any job that may be available in America” in a slow economy in which “job-killing automation” and low wages are devastating American workers.

“The president’s plan will be a further kick in the teeth to down and struggling American workers,” Sessions declared, noting that median family incomes since the recession have declined by almost $5,000, which is something that has not occurred since the Great Depression. He also noted that the country has the lowest percentage of people in the workforce in 40 years.

Sessions mentioned that when he asked Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch during her confirmation hearing last week whether illegal immigrants have more of a right to a job than lawful immigrants and citizens, she replied, “I believe the right and the obligation to work is one that is shared by everyone in this country, regardless of how they came here.” Sessions said that exchange may have been “a moment of candor that may have been inadvertent” by someone nominated to be the chief law enforcement officer of the land.

After asking who represents “the interests of the dutiful American citizen and the lawful immigrants who followed the rules,” Sessions vowed that “their voices will be heard” and “no longer in secret will the legitimate wishes of good and decent Americans be denied.”

He predicted that the “day of the special-interest operatives, tone-deaf politicians” will end and Americans “will force the political class to end the massive lawlessness and produce an immigration that serves the national interest, not the special interest” by voting pro-amnesty politicians “out of the seats of power” in future elections.

The House passed a Homeland Security spending bill that defunds President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty, but Senate Democrats, like Obama, have put Obama’s executive amnesty ahead of national security by blocking the funding bill. Obama, also revealing that executive amnesty is more important than funding Homeland Security, has vowed to veto any Homeland Security funding bill that defunds his executive amnesty.


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