Will, Krauthammer, Hayes Bet On Walker

Columnists Charles Krauthammer and George Will, along with Weekly Standard Senior Writer Stephen Hayes placed their early bets on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to win the 2016 GOP nomination during a Fox News Channel special on Saturday.

Asked how they would wager $100 on a prediction of the 2016 Republican presidential nominee, Krauthammer, Will, and Hayes all put the most money on Walker. Will put $35 on Walker, $15 on Jeb Bush, $10 on Marco Rubio, and split the remaining $40 among the rest of the field evenly. Hayes split his money up among more candidates than Will, with Rubio and Walker tying for the most money at $30 each, $15 going to Bush, $10 to Ted Cruz, $5 to Mike Pence, and $10 on the field. Krauthammer put the most on Walker, giving him $40, giving Rubio $35, and Bush $25. Although, he previously said that “if you want to clean up in Vegas, you go with the long shot.”

NPR National Political Correspondent Mara Liasson was the only panelist who did not put the most money on Walker, opting to put $50 on Jeb Bush, $45 on Walker, and $5 on Rubio.

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