White House ‘Sad’ to See Jon Stewart Leave ‘The Daily Show’

AP Photo
AP Photo

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest weighed in on the news that Jon Stewart had decided to leave The Daily Show.

“We will certainly be sad to see him go,” Earnest said, admitting that he was a “fan” and “occasional victim” of Stewart, calling him a “talented guy.”

“He is somebody who brought a unique perspective to comedy and even to informing the public about what was happening in their country,” Earnest said. “He’s a really talented guy and as others have noted this is probably not the last we’ve heard of Jon Stewart and I certainly hope that’s the case.”

In December, Stewart targeted Earnest, ridiculing him for his defense of President Obama’s appointment of soap opera producer Colleen Bradley Bell as an ambassador to Argentina.

Under fire from reporters about the appointment, Earnest insisted that he wasn’t part of the “decision-making process.”

“What?! You can’t do that!” Stewart hollered, after featuring Earnest’s comment during his show. “That is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen the president’s press secretary do. His entire job — his only job — is built around trying not to go, ‘Hey, look, I just fucking work here.’ But that’s what he did.”