Democrat Wasserman Schultz Pledged to Change Her Anti-Pot Vote for Dem Donor

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Florida Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been left this week trying to explain why her office promised that the congresswoman would change her anti-pot vote merely to make a big donor happy.

Earlier in the week one of the Democrat Party’s donors slammed Wasserman Schultz for her stance against the legalization of pot. Orlando trial lawyer John Morgan had gone public with his distaste over Wasserman Schultz’ position and in a “tizzy” the congresswoman sent him an email demanding that he take back his criticism.

Morgan told a go-between his answer was “No.” He continued, saying, “She is a bully. I beat bullies up for a living.”

The trial lawyer was a big backer of Florida’s recent push for legalization of marijuana, a move that Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz openly opposed. But as the Florida Rep., who is also the chairwoman of the Democrat National Committee, looks about to throw her hat in the ring to run for Senate from her state, Morgan spoke out about his ire over her opposition of his pet pot project.

This isn’t the first time the pair have feuded in public. Back in June, Morgan called Wasserman Schultz an “irrelevant irritant” after she criticized his losing marijuana initiative.

With Morgan again slamming Wasserman Schultz over her anti-pot stance as she tries to gear up for a run for Senate, Politico sent the Congresswoman’s office an email asking for comment.

The newser discovered that Wasserman Schultz offered to make a sudden shift in her pot position if Morgan would rescind his criticism.

Ben Pollara, a top Democratic fundraiser and consultant in Miami, told Politico that Wasserman Schultz’ office sent an email saying, “In a tizzy over this politico story. Saying she might be willing to support new amendment. Any chance you’ll retract your statement.”

This is what sparked Morgan to call the Congresswoman a bully. “Actions have consequences,” Morgan said. “Her days of pushing people around are over.”

It looks like Morgan and his pro-pot associates intend to oppose Wasserman Schultz should she make a move for the Senate.

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