Hollywood Ready for Warren if Hillary Declines WH Run

David Coates/Detroit News/AP
David Coates/Detroit News/AP

Some of Hollywood’s top players are gearing up to back Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) if Hillary Clinton declines to run for president.

According to a Hollywood Reporter report, “MoveOn.org has been organizing ‘Run Warren Run’ gatherings on L.A.’s Westside. Among the movement’s supporters are Mark Ruffalo, Edward Norton, Susan Sarandon, Matt Bomer and Darren Aronofsky.”

MoveOn has vowed to spend at least a million dollars trying to persuade Warren to challenge Clinton for the nomination. Norman Lear, described as “the reigning elder among Hollywood progressives,” also told the outlet that he will back Warren if Clinton declines to run.

Clinton, though, will reportedly formally announce her run in April while Warren has said on numerous occasions that she will not run. Nevertheless, Hollywood seems less than enthused by Clinton’s candidacy. They view her as “more of the same” of Obama’s presidency, which has disenchanted even the Hollywood elites that gushed over his candidacy and helped him dominate the popular culture en route to the White House.

The outlet noted that “most vocal” Hollywood liberals, perhaps because they see Clinton’s nomination as inevitable, like “DreamWorks Animation’s Jeffrey Katzenberg and Fox film chief Jim Gianopulos” are still aligned with Clinton.

Though Democrats lack a second coming of Obama in the 2016 field, it is worth nothing that Hollywood moguls David Geffen’s shift to Obama during the 2008 election cycle allowed others to jump on board and signaled that the tide was shifting.

“Obama is inspirational, and he’s not from the Bush royal family or the Clinton royal family. Americans are dying every day in Iraq. And I’m tired of hearing James Carville on television,” Geffen told New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd in 2007.

Regarding the Clintons, the former Clinton supporter said that their political machine is “very unpleasant and unattractive and effective.” Geffen also told Dowd in 2007 said their dishonesty was “troubling.”

“Everybody in politics lies, but they do it with such ease, it’s troubling,” Geffen said of the Clintons.


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