Michelle Obama: I Can’t Open The Windows At the White House

The Ellen DeGeneres Show
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

During an appearance on the “Ellen” show, First Lady Michelle Obama explained that she missed “open windows” not only in her car, but at the White House.

“The one thing that people don’t realize is that we can’t do little things like open windows,” she said. “I look forward to getting in a car and rolling down the window and just letting the air hit my face.”

Obama added that she hadn’t been in a car with open windows in about seven years.

“I just want some wind in my face,” she said, joking that when the couple leaves the White House she plans to “spend the first year just hanging out the window.”

“The windows in our house don’t open,” Michelle Obama continued, referring to the White House windows that are permanently sealed.

But DeGeneres recalled that on the television show “Scandal” there was a White House balcony that the characters could use.

“There is the balcony,” the First Lady admitted. “That’s real and we do. That’s the only door we can open to the outside.”

“That’s a bummer,” DeGeneres quipped.


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