Budget Committee Dems Vote Unanimously In Support Of Tax Credits For Illegal Immigrants

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) grilled attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch on immigration
Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

Democrats on the Senate Budget Committee unanimously voted against preventing illegal immigrants from obtaining tax credits Thursday during the mark up of the Fiscal Year 2016 Budget.

During the committee mark up, Sen. Jeff Sessions offered an amendment to require a valid Social Security number in order to claim the Additional Child Tax Credit.

“These benefits represent a direct cash infusion from American taxpayers to low-income illegal immigrants, a dramatic transfer of wealth during a time of low wages and high federal debt. Sessions’ amendment would simply require tax filers to provide a valid Social Security number to claim the Additional Child Tax Credit,” Sessions’ office explained.

Reporting from the Treasury Department Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) reveals that illegal immigrants have collected billions in tax credits, a benefit they are not supposed to be able to access.

Requiring a Social Security number would serve to prevent such filers from being able to claim the benefit.

While all ten Democrats on the committee voted against the measure, the amendment passed committee with Republican support.



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