Democrat Communications Expert Snaps Selfie Near Site of NYC Explosion


Christina Freundlich is a Democrat communications expert, but she’s created a PR mess for herself.

During a visit to New York City, she snapped a selfie outside the building that was destroyed by a deadly explosion last week. Two people were killed and 25 hurt in the blast.

“I am deeply sorry for my careless and distasteful post,” Freundlich told the Des Moines Register. “It was inconsiderate to those hurt in the crash and to the city of New York. What happened last week in the East Village is not to be taken lightly and I regret my course of action.”

Freundlich was the communications director for the Iowa Democratic Party until March 6. She’s been active in Democratic politics for years, having also served as an organizer for Barack Obama’s 2008 Florida campaign.

Ben Foecke, Executive Director of the Iowa Democratic Party, says she’s on her own. “Christina Freundlich left employment with the Iowa Democratic Party over three weeks ago. March 6th was her last day on payroll,” he tells the Daily Mail. “Her actions since then are completely outside our control and oversight.”

Near the site of the explosion, the New York Post reports a neighbor has now posted a sign that reads: “THIS IS A TRAGEDY, NOT A TOURIST ATTRACTION.”