Florida House Passes Bill Allowing Agencies to Refuse Gay Adoptions

AP Photo/J Pat Carter
AP Photo/J Pat Carter

Is there a Republican “war on gay” being waged in the state of Florida?

Contrary to what many on the far-left will tell you, Republicans are not homophobes, rather individuals that are looking to preserve the religious rights of all citizens.

A couple weeks back, the Florida Legislature struck the ban on adoptions by gay couples, but now the Republican-led Florida House, with the help of some Democrats, has introduced and approved a bill (75-38) that would allow state-subsidized private adoption agencies to “reject” gay couples from adopting from them, if they believe that by doing so, it would compromise their moral or religious believes.

There are charges that this bill is nothing more than “state-sponsored discrimination.”

Rep. David Richardson, D-Miami Beach, likened the measure to the struggle for civil rights for African-Americans in the 1960s, citing the sit-ins at the lunch counters of Greensboro, North Carolina in 1960.

“If you’re open to the public, you’re open to the public,” Richardson said. “If the lunch counter’s open, it’s open for everyone.”

Expect the Big Gay lobby to chime in on this at any moment and tie it to Hobby Lobby or the recently-amended Indiana religious freedom law.


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