Indiana Fallout: Elderly Lady Assaulted Over Gay Marriage

AP Photo/Doug McSchooler
AP Photo/Doug McSchooler

There’s more fall-out from the Indiana religious freedom debate. As the media, corporate chiefs, and gay activists continue their argument that religious opposition to same-sex marriage can only come from bigotry and hatred, stories like the following are all but inevitable.

A gay man who for ten years carried out cleaning and other household duties verbally assaulted an elderly woman in the home of her son. The 76-year old woman’s son told this story exclusively to Breitbart News:

For the past 10 years I have had the same person help clean my house. He’s always been trustworthy, dependable, and does a good job. Let’s call him John (not his real name). That all changed.

Our relationship had always been cordial and I am often at my office when he would come to the house. At home my 76-year-old mother is usually there. And their relationship has always been good.

As a devout Catholic my home has sacred art in it such as crucifixes and pictures of Our Blessed Lord and the Saints. Also my faith has inspired me to be active in many pro-life causes and events over the past 15 years. So when people come to my home they can tell I am a faithful Catholic and pro-life.

John (not his real name) came to our home as usual to help clean the house. He comes every 2 weeks.

My mother greeted him and was met with cursing, aggressiveness, and fury. John was very angry about the [Religious Freedom Restoration Action] just signed by Governor Pence.

John yelled f-bombs and called my elderly mother a bigot and accused her and all “religious” people of discrimination. She called me after 15 minutes of his tirade and she was reduced to tears and horribly scared by him. I could hear him yelling obscenities in the background at her.

John would not get on the phone and I told my mom to ask him to leave or I would call 911. He left. I raced home to find my mom still shaking. She suffers from heart disease, cancer, and can barely see. She is completely vulnerable.

You see, John is gay. It’s never been an issue before because I simply employed him to do a job. We knew he was gay from the beginning and he readily talked about his recent so-called marriage to his partner.

Our home is a Christian home that welcomes all – especially sinners. I am the greatest of sinners. 
We didn’t see having John in our home to work not as an opportunity to proselytize but an opportunity to witness through our personal examples.

Sadly, John sees religion – most certainly Christianity – as an indictment of his lifestyle and choices. He reacted with so much hate and aggression and anger that must be coming from a place of tremendous hurt and pain.

Last year, Breitbart News reported on an internal employee survey conducted by Chase Bank that asked each employee if they were gay friendly. This alarmed many of Chase’s Christian employees, as they worried they could be targeted for firing or at least re-education.

Last year a photographer hired by Alliance Defending Freedom to take employee pictures refused the job when he discovered the group opposed same-sex marriage.

It was reported last year also that the hairdresser used by the Governor of New Mexico quit when he discovered she opposed same-sex marriage.

Motivated by their opposition to same-sex marriage, a gunman invaded the Washington DC offices of the Family Research Council. He intended to kill as many of their employees as possible and then to stuff Chik-Fil-A sandwiches into their lifeless mouths.

The story of the elderly woman in Indiana is the first we have heard of an assault inside a personal home for opposition to same-sex marriage.

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