Exclusive — Rep. Ryan Zinke: Senate Should Vote Against Loretta Lynch

AP Photo/Susan Walsh
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-MT), a former Navy SEAL Team Six commander, tells Breitbart News exclusively that he believes Senators should vote against the confirmation of Loretta Lynch to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General of the United States.

“Despite Ms. Lynch’s legal experience, simply holding a job does not uniquely qualify her for the highest legal officer in the land,” Zinke said.

Ms. Lynch’s beliefs and understanding, or misunderstanding, of the Constitution must be examined thoroughly. That examination was done during Senate hearings and it became clear: Loretta Lynch is unfit to serve as Attorney General. Her unyielding support for the President’s unconstitutional executive amnesty, coupled with her complete disregard for the bounds to the power of the Presidency, demonstrate that she is a questionable pick, at best, to enforce the laws of this country. I urge my colleagues in the Senate to hold true to their oaths to defend the Constitution and vote no on Ms. Lynch’s confirmation.

Zinke’s Montana colleague, U.S. Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT), is expected to vote for Lynch along with all other Democrats, even though a vote for Lynch is a vote to uphold President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty, which she supports and won’t pursue legal action against the president for doing.

Lynch is likely to be confirmed since five Republicans—Sens. Lindsey Graham (SC), Susan Collins (ME), Orrin Hatch (UT), Mark Kirk (IL) and Jeff Flake (AZ)—plan to vote for her, effectively reaffirming Obama’s executive amnesty according to everyone from Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). That is, unless some Democrats like Tester or Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) stop doing what Democratic leadership tells them to do and vote their conscience—something highly unlikely to happen based on their voting patterns.

Zinke is someone who as a freshman conservative congressman has fought against the establishment frequently, and is likely to challenge Tester for his U.S. Senate seat next go-around. If Tester does vote for Lynch, everything she does as Attorney General—including her anti-gun agenda—is likely to become a very big deal in a Senate race between Tester and Zinke.


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