Sean Hannity: ‘Scott Walker Is Right’ On Immigration, Time To Protect American Jobs First

AP Photo/Kevin Cederstrom
AP Photo/Kevin Cederstrom

Fox News anchor and nationally syndicated radio host Sean Hannity is backing up Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker—a likely 2016 GOP presidential candidate—even as much of the political establishment has their knives out for Walker while he’s seeking to protect American workers’ job opportunities from illegal and legal immigrants.

“The economy is a disaster by any measure. I’m so tired of being lied to. I’m so tired of the fact that there are so many people in this country that are suffering and that these problems could be easily fixed,” Hannity said.

Besides from a few rogue conservatives the Republican Party isn’t jumping on this and taking ownership of all of this. They’re just not and it’s very, very, very frustrating that they’re not doing it. I don’t understand it. I actually have more problems with the Republicans than I do with Democrats because the Republicans should know better. I expect the Republicans to actually be the party that goes out there and leads—that’s what I want from the Republican Party.

Let me say this, for example, you have Scott Walker. Scott Walker made a point about immigration and how Americans are hurting because of illegal immigration. If you have 11 million illegal immigrants who are in this country who didn’t respect our laws and didn’t respect our sovereignty—I’m not arguing what should happen to these people right now, follow my argument here—think about this.

Hannity then ticked off several statistics showing that American workers need help before the political class in Washington does anything else to protect illegal aliens and future legal immigrants.

We have 93 million Americans out of the labor force. We have 40 consecutive months of 46 plus million Americans on food stamps—our fellow Americans. We have nearly 50 million Americans in poverty,” Hannity said. “Now, I see that these D.C. establishment types are all over Scott Walker. If we didn’t have 11 million illegal immigrants and they did their jobs securing the border, then that would be 11 million more opportunities potentially for Americans to have jobs.

That doesn’t include the impact on our infrastructure, our healthcare system, our criminal justice system, our educational system. It’s an awful lot of people and if these D.C. establishment folks—Republicans and Democrats—if they put half the effort into helping these desperate Americans. Again, let me give you numbers—93 million Americans out of the labor force, 40 consecutive months 46 plus million Americans on food stamps. That’s nearly 20 million more than when Obama took office. Nearly 50 million Americans in poverty, nearly 20 million more than when Obama took office.

Hannity said that if the political establishment spent “half” as much effort helping Americans as it has attacking Walker, maybe the country would be in a better position.

If these establishment folks instead of attacking guys like Scott Walker—if they put half the effort into helping these desperate Americans as they do into helping the people who don’t respect American laws, don’t respect American sovereignty, maybe those people would be back in the labor force and back working again.

Also, maybe we wouldn’t be $18 trillion in debt. Scott Walker is right. These Washington bureaucrats have failed in their duty which is to secure our borders and now it’s resulting in a situation where it’s making it harder for our American citizens to find work. I care about people from other countries but I care about American citizens first. Get these Americans working first. Get the economy rolling again first. I got to tell you, it’s very, very frustrating to sit back and watch all of this happen. Now you got John McCain, leading liberal Republican, attacking Scott Walker on immigration.

Hannity read from an article on Breitbart News about how Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has been leading liberal Republican attacks against Walker, then noted that Americans will in fact do the jobs the political class in Washington wants to fill with foreign workers.

“It’s not just the liberal media, you got RINO Republicans like John McCain—the most pro-amnesty Republican there is—he says ‘I think most statistics show they fill a part of the workforce that is needed.’ Really? ‘Americans won’t do this kind of work.’ I would, if I was out of work,” Hannity said.


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