LGBT Activists Rush Onto Stage To Disrupt March for Marriage Rally

gay flag

A leader of the Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP) who spoke at the March for Marriage in Russellville, Arkansas Saturday was interrupted in her address when LGBT activists with protest signs and rainbow flags ran up on the stage with her, attempting to disrupt the event.

Dr. Deborah De Sousa Owens, who along with her husband Rev. William Owens leads CAAP, was the scheduled speaker at this smaller March for Marriage in support of traditional marriage sponsored by the Russellville Tea Party.

Owens, a licensed Church of God in Christ (COGIC) evangelist and missionary, told Breitbart News between 60-70 counter-protesters appeared at the event and at least three LGBT activists ran up onto the stage with her as she was speaking, attempting to disrupt her address by shouting out questions to her, trying to intimidate her.

“I asked the police to remove him,” Owens said, “but they didn’t and I continued speaking, ignoring the interruptions.”

“The group of mostly young people continued harassing our group, and were trying to talk over me and bully me,” she said. “I have never seen anything like it.”

Owens said after she got through her speech, she tried to engage the LGBT activists, and told them they were disrespectful. She said she pointed out that her group respected their right to protest as well and that the March for Marriage activists had no intention of interrupting the counter protest.

The Courier News reports that when the counter-protesters intruded upon the March for Marriage, arguments broke out. When appeals were made to police for assistance, the officers responded, “They are allowed to yell.”

In her address, Owens thanked all who came out for the March to “stand for God’s design for marriage: one man, one woman, period!”

Observing to the crowd that blacks and whites were joining together in support of traditional marriage, Owens said, “Yes, we have problems with race in America, but let’s not put all white people or all black people in the same category…I see some unity here today.”

“When you love God, you don’t see race,” she continued.

Owens said she was at the March “because I am tired of some politicians and activist judges making decision for We the People that goes against what We the People already decided when we voted to protect marriage in 31 states around the nation.”

“And federal judges voided our votes to satisfy the will of a few same-gender couples who want to marry,” she continued, adding that Christians have been “sleeping,” and are not wary as their Christian rights are being taken away from them.

“We the People are being silenced…intimidated…bullied,” Owens asserted, and “are in danger of persecution for believing in God’s design for marriage.”

Observing the upcoming Supreme Court decision on the question of marriage in the United States, Owens said Christians must “protect the sacred institution of marriage which God established – not government – thousands of years ago.”

Owens pointed out that the marriage equality movement is backed by large corporations, Hollywood, and many in the media.

“Politicians on both sides have endorsed same-sex marriage because they want to be politically correct,” she said. “Simply put, they want money and votes.”

Owens noted the clever strategy of the militant LGBT community.

“If you don’t believe in gay marriage you are a bigot and a hater,” she paraphrased the theme of gay activists, adding:

The LGBT community even goes so far as to equate their so-called struggle to the civil rights struggle of the 50s and 60s…The civil rights struggle was for blacks to be seen as humans…The civil rights movement didn’t infringe on anyone else’s right. It didn’t seek to take anyone’s rights away…

But same-sex marriage advocates don’t only want the right to marry – they want to take away our rights in the process…They stand proudly for same-sex marriage, but dare anyone to disagree. If you believe in traditional marriage then they want to fine you, jail you, and taunt you.

Owens said people of faith must rise up to form their own Christian Rights Movement and to defend their cherished values.

“Blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, people of faith who believe in God’s design for marriage need to let their collective voices be heard,” she said. “It’s time for We the People to rise.”


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