‘Clinton Cash’ Sparks Global Media Firestorm

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images/AFP
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images/AFP

Media outlets around the world are catching fire with Peter Schweizer’s blockbuster new book Clinton Cash and the steady stream of new information it reveals about the shady inner world of money, power, and corruption of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

News outlets from Mexico to Canada, Britain to India are finding one sordid detail after another, and it is causing the Clintons serious international heartburn. Many of the stories feature foreign donors trying to spin their way out of being connected to the Clintons and claiming that their big donations didn’t help them secure lucrative deals while Hillary was Secretary of State. These foreign donors all insist that Hillary’s job in the Obama administration was merely a coincidence and didn’t effect their billion-dollar wheeling and dealing.

Spanish language Univision, for instance, recently aired a report raising eyebrows over the hundreds of millions the Clintons took in from Latin American sources and noted that, in one case, a multimillion-dollar donor started a oil company that was able to secure private meetings with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In another story in foreign media, Canada’s National Post reported that at least one of Clinton’s big Canadian donors is extremely upset at being caught up in the recriminations over the shady Clinton cash deals.

Screaming, “I can’t deal with this anymore,” Canada’s richest man, Frank Giustra, is fed up with having his name dragged into the news with the Clintons.

In yet another case, The Times of India is reporting that a key individual in one of Hillary and Bill’s nuclear deals is strongly denying that his big-dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation had anything to do with his part in securing a successful nuclear deal between the US and India, a deal Hillary had to approve as Secretary of State.

The British press is also awash in Clinton Cash revelations with The Guardian reporting on the controversial donations the Clintons received from HSBC Bank clients and the Daily Mail breathless over the exorbitant “speaking fees” Bill and Hillary got all while Hillary was making deals for the Obama administration.

These are only a tiny sample of the stories reverberating across the globe as more of the information in Clinton Cash come to light.

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