Silent Hill: 26 Days into Campaign, No National Interviews for Clinton

silent hillary clinton

Friday marks 26 days since Clinton formally announced she is running for president, but she has yet to do a formal interview with national media, extending her own record as the presidential candidate who’s waited longest in modern history.

Clinton’s silence comes as political reporters are buzzing about the book “Clinton Cash,” which details influence peddling by the Clinton Foundation. The book is written by Breitbart News Senior Editor at Large Peter Schweizer.

The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple writes on media organizations, but recently took to his blog to point on the New York Times’ approach to dealing with Hillary Clinton’s silence to reporters.

Wemple said New York Times reporter Amy Chozick has created what he coined “the air question.”

Chozick decided to post questions online that she would like to ask Clinton – that is – if Clinton was taking any media questions.

Her post following Clinton’s comment on immigration Tuesday read:

“President Obama said his executive action on immigration went as far as the law will allow. You say you would go beyond what he did. How could you stretch the law further than the president of your own party and his Justice Department says it can go?”

Wemple wrote The Erik Wemple Blog would continue to report on Chozick’s series of questions “if the Times air-questions Clinton on her sparse Q-and-A availability, which would be a glorious meta-media moment.”


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