Kurtz: Stephanopoulos Donations Story ‘Threatens to Undo What He’s Accomplished’

Fox News Media Analyst Howard Kurtz argued that George Stephanopoulos’ failure to disclose donations to the Clinton Foundation “threatens to undo what he’s accomplished in his 18 years at ABC News” on Thursday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

Kurtz said that the donation revelations are “Such a bombshell that George Stephanopoulos has now had to withdraw as ABC’s moderator in the Republican presidential debate next year. Look, this blunder by Stephanopoulos is so severe that it really threatens to undo what he’s accomplished in his 18 years at ABC News.”

He continued, “It’s that serious. Because the Clintons is his Achilles heel because of his background. … For him, as a top ABC anchor, to give this money to the Clinton Foundation while covering the story, is in itself a grave error in judgment, but then to not tell his bosses at ABC News, to not disclose it to the viewers, it’s unthinkable.”

He further criticized the damage control as “awful,” because Stephanopoulos had to expand on his earlier apology. And suggested that he “find any other charity on earth to give to.” He also stated that while Stephanopoulos has “tried to be fair” (although he hasn’t always succeeded), he has a “special burden” to show he’s independent from the Clintons.

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