Man Allegedly Attacks Waffle House Patron, Gets Shot, Killed

NBC 2/screenshot

The Florida State Attorney’s Office has released its findings on a January 5 shooting in which Waffle House patron Jehrardd Williams shot and killed a man who allegedly attacked him in the restaurant.

The State Attorney ruled the shooting was self-defense.

According to NBC 2, Williams was in Waffle House when Dakota Fields and group, who seemed to be intoxicated from a night of drinking, began making noise. “A man that was with Fields shook hands with another patron at the restaurant, but when he reached out to shake hands with Williams, Williams did not shake his hand.”

Video shows that Fields’s friend “punched Williams in the head.”

Later, the video shows Fields standing near the restaurant’s door, apparently waiting for Williams to exit. Williams saw this and pulled his gun from the holster in which it was concealed before walking to the door.

Once Williams reached the door, Fields allegedly lunged at him, and Williams responded by firing three shots, striking Fields “in the torso.”

Fields and his friends then fled the Waffle House, jumped in an SUV, and drove away. The SUV then “crashed just six miles away,” and Fields died from his gunshot wound.

Meanwhile, Williams had dialed 911 and remained at the restaurant to meet officers when they arrived.

Williams has a concealed carry permit.

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