Walker: I Disagree With Rand on NSA, ISIS

Wisconsin Governor and prospective GOP presidential candidate Scott Walker expressed his disagreement with Kentucky Senator and Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul on ISIS and the NSA on Thursday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

Walker began by addressing Paul’s comments on ISIS, stating, “I just respectfully disagree with Senator Paul, and I believe the reason that we’re facing troubles, and not only that region, but around the world is because of the lack of American leadership.”

Walker then addressed Rand’s criticism of his position on ISIS, saying, “Well, again, it’s one of those where — you’re going to see something different from us, should we choose to get in. We’re not going to take cheap shots, we’re not going to go attacking other candidates or their campaigns. We’ll just lay out the facts and the facts are pretty clear. … We’ve seen a growing trend, I think, now more than ever, Americans realize this isn’t something that’s just happening over there. I mean, France is a good example. I think that many people look at what happened in France and say that was because the French government for a while was tracking individuals like this…they set that aside. Now you see an overreaction, what some may argue might be an overreaction in terms of the people in France to go even further than the Patriot Act because of what they saw there. We need to have a responsible way that is legal and constitutional, but a way that we can make sure that if someone is an enemy combatant, or aligned with an enemy combatant, the United States and the people of this great country, we’ve got to have the tools we need to prevent another act from happening.”

He added that there’s a balance and “a way to put in place appropriate checks and balances, to ensure we protect the very civil liberties that American men and women have fought for for so long in our military, but do so in a way that doesn’t just concede our ability to track enemy combatants and those that would seek to do harm.”

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