Boehner Allies Retaliate Against Members Who Oppose Obama’s Agenda

Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

From Daniel Horowitz writing at Conservative Review:

Speaker John Boehner has just stripped Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), one of the most honorable conservatives in the House, of a subcommittee chairmanship for voting against Obamatrade.  By the end of the week, we will know whether the conservative movement inside and outside of Congress has learned its lesson in this one-sided war.

As John Boehner works to rubber stamp Obama’s agenda and ignore every single dangerous act of this president, House conservatives stand at the precipice of a time for choosing. The House has hit rock bottom.  Now is the moment for all those self-described conservatives in the House to choose between their constituents or the pagan alter of the D.C. oligarchy.  This is their moment with Elijah on Mt. Carmel when the Jews were forced to choose between God or Baal.

Back in January, I warned House conservatives that if John Boehner was not removed from the Speaker’s chair, their tenure this term in Congress would be meaningless and counterproductive.  It turns out that Boehner’s betrayal is even worse than anyone could have envisioned.  He has essentially made Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) co-Speaker and focuses his full attention on passing meaningless, harmful, or liberal legislation.  Meanwhile, he whistles pass the grave of America as Obama and his minions sell us out to Iran, flood the country with criminal aliens, release terrorists from Gitmo, send our brave soldiers into a meat-grinder in Iraq with no definitive mission other than helping Iran, and declare war on religious liberty.

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