The Nuclear Option: Media Proclaim Obama’s Glory While Faith in American Institutions Skids to Record Lows


If Jimmy Carter is “history’s greatest monster,” as deemed by the good people of Springfield in “The Simpsons,” then President Obama is “history’s most deluded jester.”

A considerable majority of Americans tell pollsters that the country is headed in the wrong direction and most blame this president. Faith in American institutions such as the courts, police, and the federal government have skidded to record lows.

And about the only thing blacks and whites agree upon anymore is that race relations have gotten worse under our first “post-racial” president.

Yet last week, President Obama was crowned one of the greatest presidents of all time. He was hailed as a hero of uncluttered vision and fearless justice. He shattered the doldrums that have dogged every president’s second term in modern American times.

The media was in absolute rapture.

One scribe called the president a “towering figure” and declared: “Barack Obama is officially one of the most consequential presidents in American History.”

Not since the Nobel Committee awarded this president the Peace Prize has 44 been shrouded in such modest terms.

ABC News declared last week “the most consequential” of Obama’s presidency.

“It was marked by a remarkable string of political and legal victories, all capped by a powerful speech on race that showcased the signature rhetorical skill that first helped put him on the map,” the network oozed.

Not to be outdone, The New Yorker magazine penned one for the history books. Literally.

They titled it “Ten Days in June,” desperately reaching for historical gravitas that otherwise would be missed by the vast majority of Americans right now.

In the essay, David Remnick showers President Obama in ejaculatory, unctuous praise.

“What a series of days in American life, full of savage mayhem, uncommon forgiveness, resistance to forgiveness, furious debate, mourning, and, finally, justice and grace,” enthused Mr. Remnick, who was once appropriately re-christened “David Remnant” by radio host Michael Savage.

“Remnant” goes on (and on and on and on) about what a sterling week it was for the Great President and what a stunning turn-around it was for him and how even the endlessly doting media was beginning to doubt him just the week before.

“But pause to think of what has happened, the scale of recent events,” tingled “Remnant,” once again trying to shove historical gravitas down people’s throats.

The “accomplishments” awarded to President Obama last week include the decision by South Carolina lawmakers to discuss the removal of a Confederate flag in Columbia in the wake of the horrific murders of nine people praying in a church in Charleston. Seems like not much of an “accomplishment,” especially considering the grave seriousness of the atrocious crime, and one that had precisely nothing to do with President Obama anyway.

Then there is the matter of the Supreme Court’s decision to once and for all hang Obamacare around the neck of an idiotic Congress that passed it in a fit of blind partisanship.

The decision by Chief Justice John Roberts to jettison the court from interfering with the health care law will go down in history, both for surprising activist liberals by his alliance and for enraging conservatives by simply inventing constitutional grounds to support a clearly indefensible position.

Laying this “accomplishment” at the feet of President Obama is truly absurd. After all, if it were up to President Obama, Justice Roberts wouldn’t even be on the Supreme Court. He was among 22 senators in 2006 who voted against his confirmation.

The third of President Obama’s trifecta of “accomplishments” last week was, once again, actually performed by an entirely separate branch of the federal government when the Supreme Court decided to legalize same-sex marriage. The deciding vote on the court, by the way, was not even nominated by President Obama, but rather by former President Reagan.

What is really so looney about this is that until very, very recently in President Obama’s “arc of history,” President Obama has been ardently opposed to gay marriage. It was only in recent few years that polls frightened politicians like President Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton into changing their positions and embracing a movement that had become widely popular, especially in their own party.

It was only when faced with a tight re-election fight in 2012 that President Obama finally abandoned his “bigoted” position and announced his support for gay marriage.

Oh, and there was a fourth “accomplishment” last week and it was this one that really caused all the hopelessly white journalists like “Remnant” to absolutely explode in quivering jubilation.

It was when President Obama, standing in the pulpit of the black church where nine parishioners were murdered by a lunatic, led the congregation in singing “Amazing Grace.” It was not bad, but he certainly would not have made it one round on American Idol.

Oh well, Nero had his fiddle and Obama has “Amazing Grace.”

Charles Hurt can be reached at and on Twitter at @charleshurt.


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