Planned Parenthood Whines to Congress About Video Expose


In a threatening five-page letter issued yesterday through one of its lawyers, Planned Parenthood complained to Congress that undercover investigators from the Center for Medical Progress had harassed and unlawfully infiltrated its clinics for years.

Planned Parenthood also warned Congress that many more hours of videos would be forthcoming. On that the group is certainly correct. The new video out today from CMP shows one of their senior doctors haggling over the price of selling baby body parts to actors posing as executives of a biotech start up firm.

It appears that Planned Parenthood chief executive Cecile Richards issued an all-points bulletin to Planned Parenthood abortion clinics and offices around the country to ask if any had been visited by David Daleiden and his team posing as entrepreneurs of a fictitious company called Biomax Procurement Services. The letter warns of more videos to come as, according to the New York Times, “abortion opponents” had “infiltrated” clinics nationwide “posing questions to unsuspecting employees and patients.”

The letter accuses Daleiden of being involved in at least 10 “attacks” on Planned Parenthood offices over the previous eight years, including his time as director of research for Live Action, the pro-life group that pioneered undercover reporting on Planned Parenthood abuses. Planned Parenthood expects up to 65 recordings to surface.

Planned Parenthood also accuses Daleiden’s setting up a phony corporation may have violated state and federal laws involving “corporate filings and taxes.”

Daleiden and his team have set up a genuine David vs. Goliath fight. Planned Parenthood receives half a billion in taxpayer money a year and raises another half billion in donations and foundation grants. Daleiden’s group likely has no money to speak of. Still, it is clear from the video Richards released last week and this new five-page letter to Congress, that Planned Parenthood is taking these new charges of selling aborted baby livers, hearts and lungs very seriously.

What is remarkable about both videos is how seemingly easy it was for a newly registered company to gain access to such high ranking Planned Parenthood executives. Dr. Mary Gatter is President of Planned Parenthood’s Medical Director’s Council, and Dr. Deborah Nucatola is Planned Parenthood’s senior medical officer. Planned Parenthood has not explained how people with only a layman’s knowledge of the baby body parts business could get Gatter, Nucatola and no doubt many more senior employees not only to meet with them but to meet with them over fancy lunches.

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