Donald Trump’s Black Outreach

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally And Picnic In Iowa
Scott Olson/Getty Images

No one can deny Donald Trump’s rise in the Republican primary has been fun to watch.

With Trump’s recent rise in the polls, especially second place in Iowa, the fun is starting to turn into a nightmare for establishment Republicans. For the intellectual Republicans, it’s even worse. Their conventional wisdom–that told us the progressive press loves John McCain, and Mitt Romney can bring together the nation President Barack Obama had torn apart–is being boldly questioned by an outsider who is beneath them in intellectual caliber.

Who could really question Donald Trump’s intellectual capacity? Listen to his grammar. Note how he doesn’t follow an adviser’s script or adhere to a list of talking points. The man actually fights back when attacked, and he doesn’t care if it’s a Democrat, Republican, or journalist. He talks about being rich and never cries about the times he wasn’t. He just doesn’t fit the Republican intellectual mold, and it is driving them crazy.

Especially when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration. Intellectual and establishment Republicans have their eyes glued on Hispanic polling numbers to gauge the damage done by Trump’s remarks on illegal immigration and the drugs and crime coming across America’s border with Mexico.

Silly rabbits… they need to be worried about the Republican Party actually winning the black vote via Donald Trump.

Last Friday on The Five while talking about Black Lives Matter, Juan Williams joked about blacks saying they were being taken for granted by Democrats. “What are you going to do? I don’t see you running to join Donald Trump.”

My intellectual side understands and mostly agrees with the intellectual and establishment Republicans. Donald Trump has voiced support for single payer, nationalized medicine… do I really need to say anything else?  Yet, I found myself yelling back at the TV, “They will.”

Totally removing the intellectual, I pay attention to black culture. Everyone knows my love for hip hop music. A couple of months ago, my daughter starts singing, “No flex zone. No flex zone. They know better.  They know better.” If it sounds familiar, you might know it from this 2015 Dodge Durango commercial.

I’m in the car one day and I hear, “I don’t check the price. I make my own money so I spend it how I like. I’m just living life. And let my mama tell it, I ain’t livin right.” And it made me chuckle. How could you disagree with that?  That’s capitalism and freedom in a nutshell. As long as it’s your money, who has a right to tell you how to spend it?

This week, I was going on a rant about Hillary Clinton and her connections to Planned Parenthood and eugenics with my #HillarySanger hashtag, and I hear, “Improvise. Look me in the eyes and lie to me. Lie to me like I’d believe anything.”

I threw my hands up. Most of the time I stick to more intellectual rap music, but I had to give in. There was something about these songs that caught my attention and held it, which is no easy task.

The group’s name is Rae Sremmurd.  They released their debut album SremmLife in January 2015.  Why should you care about any of this? They also have a song on their album called “Up Like Trump.” It has over 28 million views.

While it isn’t intellectual porn, it’s a cultural orgy. They are not looking at Donald Trump’s political platform; they are looking at what life could be when we all live like Donald Trump. He has already sold hip hop access to the Dream.

And Donald Trump knows it.  Why do you think he had reporters listen to rapper Mac Miller’s song “Donald Trump”?

If you think his treatment of the Hip Hop community is any different than his treatment of politicians, you would be wrong.  Mac Miller had an interview where he called Trump a “douchebag,” and Trump threatened to sue him for using his name without compensation.

Here’s the deal… Donald Trump is going to make it in front of a black crowd and he is going to say he doesn’t give a damn about color, and they are going to believe him. He is going to say, I’m rich. I made a lot of money and I am going to make you money too. And they are going to believe him.

While other candidates like Marco Rubio are saying Donald Trump has no “class,” Trump is creating a no flex zone where politicians know better than to attack him. He is allowing his money to speak for itself and he doesn’t care if you think he isn’t living right. And when he looks you in the eye, you know the words coming out of his mouth are his truths.

That’s black outreach that doesn’t use white papers and statistics. Donald Trump is actually offering Black America a shot at the American Dream.  Once it was hope and change… now it’s private jets, huge hotels, and a proven record of making money.


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