Walker on Obama’s Power Plant Regulations: ‘Will Be Like a Buzz Saw on the Nation’s Economy’


GOP presidential candidate and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker questioned President Obama’s new set of regulations that will cut power-plant emissions, saying the regulations will be like a buzz saw on the nation’s economy.

Previously in May, Walker had sent a letter to Obama expressing that he thought the proposal was “riddled with inaccuracies, questionable assumptions and deficiencies that make the development of a responsible state plan unworkable.”

“President Obama’s plan should be called the Costly Power Plan because it will cost hard-working Americans jobs and raise their energy rates,” stated Walker. “It will be like a buzz saw on the nation’s economy. I will stand up for American workers and stop the Costly Power Plan.”

The Obama Administration is set to issue the new regulations on U.S. power-plant emissions on Monday.

According to Bloomberg Business, these new regulations are the “biggest carbon-pollution control effort by the world’s biggest economy that pressures other countries heading into global climate talks in Paris later this year.”

“Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency on Monday will finalize measures that force states and utilities to use less coal and more wind power, solar and natural gas. The plan, estimated to cost $8.4 billion, is expected to go into effect in the next month or two but is likely to face a legal challenge that could stall its implementation,” Bloomberg noted.


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