FL League of Women Voters Rallying to Keep Women Unarmed on Campus


On August 13, Florida’s League of Women Voters (FLWV) will “start building a coalition” to oppose Republicans’ push to arm women for self-defense on college campuses.

FLWV will launch coalition efforts at a “Gun Safety Summit” at Orlando’s First Unitarian Church.

According to WUSF News, the goal of the summit will be to build stronger opposition to legislation that would arm women and other law-abiding citizens for self-defense. FLWV’s Patti Brigham said, “College campuses are safe places. Guns have no place there unless carried by police.”

Brigham did not address the fact that criminals carry guns on campus, and unarmed women and other law-abiding citizens are defenseless against them. This was demonstrated in the Sunshine State as recently as November 20 when a gunman opened fire on the Florida State campus, wounding three.

Breitbart News reported that a student—who is also an Army combat vet—was close enough to the gunman to shoot and stop him but was not allowed to have a handgun with him for self-defense even though he has a concealed carry permit. Brigham and others in the FLWV are literally fighting to keep students in such a defenseless position.

Arming women and law-abiding citizens for self-defense on college campuses also faces opposition from state representative Alan Williams (D-Tallahassee). He says Florida set a precedent for other states to follow by instituting the “Stand Your Ground” law, and he wants to “make sure [Florida doesn’t] start anything else that’s going to be detrimental to not only [Florida] and [its] citizens but other states and their citizens.”

Williams did not explain how allowing women to arm themselves for self-defense could be detrimental to anyone other than the criminals and sexual predators who currently get to ply their trades on defenseless victims.

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