Hillary Clinton Sneers at Republicans: ‘It’s Not About Benghazi… It’s Not About Emails’

Candidates For President Attend Iowa Democrat's Wing Ding Dinner
Win McNamee/Getty Images

During a campaign appearance in Iowa, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton angrily denounced Republicans for trying to bring her down by demanding answers for her deleted email server and her failure to prevent the terrorist attacks in Benghazi.

Clinton made her remarks at the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding Dinner, launching a partisan defense of her record.

Choking up and coughing, after speaking well over her allotted 20 minute speaking slot, she began criticizing Republicans for attacking her for decades referring to the attacks the brought the Citizens United lawsuit to the Supreme Court.

“Now I’m in their crosshairs again,” she said reminding them of the opposing corporations and “right wing operatives” that were trying to block her agenda.

“Now they’ll try and tell you that this is about Benghazi, but it’s not,” she said, referring to the attacks as a “tragedy” that should be prevented in the future.

“It’s not about Benghazi, and you know what, it’s not about emails or servers either, it’s about politics,” she shouted.

Clinton praised herself for her record of transparency regarding her emails, noting that she had already released and published some of her emails and turned over her server to the Justice Department.

During a lighter portion of her speech, she reminded the audience of her Snapchat account — a social media service that automatically wipes out photos and messages after they have been seen.

“You may have seen that I recently launched a Snapchat account,” she said with a big smile.

“I love it,” she added. “Those messages disappear all by themselves.”


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