Private Email Server


WATCH: ‘Clinton Emails on Film’ Recreates Hillary Aide Depositions

Filmmaker and playwright Phelim McAleer is readying his latest project — a series of short films that will reenact the sworn depositions of key Hillary Clinton staffers about the Democrat presidential nominee’s improper and possibly illegal use of a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State.

REUTERS/Stefan Rousseau

Report: FBI Recovers Deleted Hillary Clinton Emails

The FBI has reportedly been able to recover emails deleted from Hillary Clinton’s email server in its investigation of her use of a personal, private server for official business as Secretary of State.

AP Photo/Cliff Owen

Hillary: Homebrew Server Was Guarded by Secret Service

Hillary Clinton’s statement on her use of private email at the State Department wasn’t terribly convincing, but there is no doubt it was carefully crafted. At one point, she even dragged the Secret Service into a defense of her private email server.