Coulter: Trump ‘Breaking Free’ Because He ‘Doesn’t Need’ The Chamber of Commerce

Columnist and author of “Adios, America,” Ann Coulter stated that Republicans go along with bad immigration policy “to please the donor crowd,” and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is doing well in the polls because he doesn’t need donors on Friday’s “Making Money with Charles Payne” on the Fox Business Network.

Coulter said of immigrants coming into the US, [relevant remarks begin around 2:00] “They should all be better than us. There’s no point in bringing in people we have to help, who go on welfare. We have our own poor people we have to take care of, we have our own criminals.”

She was then asked, “Why do we do it? Why do you think we do this? Is it strictly for the voter rolls?” Coulter answered, “That’s how it started, with the 1965 Immigration Act, and why Republicans go along with it, that’s, you know, the baffling question. And that’s to please the donor crowd. Which is why Trump is breaking free, because he doesn’t need [the] Chamber of Commerce, he doesn’t need that — the lobbyist money, and that’s why he’s soaring in the polls.”

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