Obama and Biden Meet for Lunch as Momentum Builds for Challenge to Hillary

The Associated Press

Back in Washington D.C. after an extended vacation, President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden sat down for lunch today while reports suggest that the vice president is “leaning towards” a primary challenge to Hillary Clinton’s Democratic nomination for president in 2016.

The event took place in the private dining room of the White House, but was closed to the press. While it is likely that the pair discussed a potential Biden run for president, no details were leaked about the content of their discussion.

On Saturday, Biden met with Sen. Elizabeth Warren at his residence in Washington D.C., according to CNN, to discuss policy and politics.

Obama and Biden usually meet for lunch about once a week but haven’t sat down recently as a result of their vacations. The last time they met for lunch was August 4.

Biden spent his August vacation in North Carolina weighing a potential run. 


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