Pollak to Senate on Iran Deal: Where Is Your Pride?

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The following is the speech by Breitbart Editor-at-Large Joel B. Pollak at the Tea Party rally with Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and Mark R. Levin, among others, against the Iran deal at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. today. as prepared for delivery.

My friends, and fellow patriots,

First of all, Happy Jewish New Year to the Tea Party.

It is overwhelming to see how much you care about stopping the Iran deal.

Five years ago, I stood with you here at the Capitol, as we protested against Obamacare.

But this is amazing.

This rally shows just how much Americans want Congress to reject the Iran deal.

As a Jewish American, I thank you for standing up for America, and for Israel.

You are doing more for Jews today, than we American Jews have done for ourselves.

This an historic moment of acceptance and tolerance and unity.

And I thank you.

By the powers invested in me as Breitbart Editor-at-Large, I declare you all honorary Jews.

Congratulations, you now control the world.

But seriously—I am here today, as you are here today, to stop the Iran deal.

And to bear witness that no matter what the vote, we, the people, say no!

You don’t have to be a scientist or a policy expert to know this is a bad deal.

We know it is bad for three reasons.

Reason #1: they won’t submit it as a treaty.

The Constitution of the United States—Article II, Section 2, Clause 2—says a treaty has to be approved by a two-thirds majority in the Senate.

That’s not a problem for good deals.

The Senate has ratified 13 treaties under President Barack Obama. Two more were submitted this year.

If the Iran deal were a good deal, they would not fear a two-thirds vote. They would not try to filibuster.

That’s the first reason we know this is a bad deal.

Reason #2: it’s not bipartisan.

When we as a country make big, life-or-death decisions, both parties ought to be on board.

Right now, the bipartisan vote is to reject the deal.

There are honorable Democrats who are standing with us.

Congressman Dan Lipinski, from my old home state of Illinois, has few Jewish votes in his district. In fact, he has a lot of Muslim votes.

He is voting against this deal. Congressman Lipinksi, we salute you!

And on my way over here, I heard the news that my own congressman, Ted Lieu, is voting against the deal.

Ted Lieu, thank you!

But the White House wants to push this deal through on a fraction of one party’s vote.

That’s the second reason we know this is a bad deal.

Reason #3: they won’t even show us what is in the deal.

The law requires the president to show Congress ALL of the side deals.

But they won’t show the secret agreements between Iran and the IAEA.

If this were a good deal, they would not be hiding it!

That’s the third reason we know this is a bad deal.

My friends,

The Iran deal is already hurting our country.

President Obama is violating the Constitution and the law to appease the Iranian regime.

And right now, the Senate is letting him do it! Shame on you!

Alexander Hamilton wrote, in Federalist No. 66, that Senators would never allow this.

Quote: “We may count upon their pride, if not upon their virtue,” he said.

Senators: Where is your pride?

Listen to the excuses.

Senator Dick Durbin: You say Reagan negotiated with the Soviets.

But Reagan walked away at Reykjavik, and he got a better deal.

Senator Claire McCaskill: You say only Israel is against the deal.

But that is not true.

Only Czechoslovakia was against the Munich deal in 1938. And that led to World War II.

Senator Cory Booker: You say: “[i]f only more people recognized evil and took action to stop it” during the Holocaust.

And yet you’re voting for a deal that boosts a genocidal regime!

We don’t care how you feel. We care what you do.

That applies to you, Hillary Clinton. This deal has your name, too.

You say you will go to war to stop Iran. Really?

You did nothing to protect Americans in Benghazi.

You did not help the people of Iran in the streets in 2009.

You put pressure on Israel instead. You can’t delete that history.

And President Obama—you say we are making “common cause” with the enemy? With people who shout “Death to America?”

After 20 years with Jeremiah Wright? After going to the United Nations before Congress?

We are here, Sir, because we love the Constitution.

And we will still be here when you are done.

The Jewish New Year is a time of joy. But it is also a time of judgment, when all of our deeds are remembered.

I want to close by blowing the shofar, the ram’s horn.

As we celebrate the New Year next week, Jews around the world will sound the shofar as we pray.

The call of the shofar is a reminder to return to the values of our Covenant with God.

And we Americans must return to the principles of our Constitution.

Remember the American captives. Remember the people of Iran. And remember our ally, Israel.

(Shofar sounds)

Thank you!


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